The Fragrance


Grace de Ciel No 1 is created to honor the kind-hearted. This new fragrance embodies the aroma of the white jade flower (Latin, Michelia), which gives a heavenly scent denoting floral blossoms mixed with the morning dew. Grace de Ciel means amazing grace, and the perfume exists to glorify the divine, and to pay homage to all who are kind, generous, and benevolent.

The scent is naturally ethereal, radiating freshness, calmness, and strength. Like an elixir, Grace de Ciel permeates the body with inner peace and positive energy.

Good Cause

Grace de Ciel will be sold through selected shops worldwide. In the US, China, and other countries, Grace de Ciel will be sold in selected museums, and portions of the profits will be donated to each museum where Grace de Ciel is being sold. Museums to be supported are focused on Tikkun Olam; these museums better the world and are most worthy of our support.




Grace de Ciel was conceived over 20 years ago, when Co-Founder Ceci Chan recognized the powerfully inspirational scent of the white jade flower. Struck by the white jade flower's beauty and purity, she wished that people living in all parts of the world could enjoy this heavenly scent. Believing firmly that Heaven directs timing, Ceci gratefully manifested Grace de Ciel into reality in 2017 with Co-Founder Dicken Sy (the Nose of Grace de Ciel).

Dicken Sy, co-founder and alchemist behind Grace de Ciel, has decades of experience in creating wellness products. His multi-generational family business is focused on the production and sales of vegetarian foods. He holds advanced degrees in Biochemistry from the prestigious University of Hong Kong. A polymath, Dicken has also worked extensively in international finance, driving investments in sustainable technology and environmentally friendly products. The Sy family is filled with members who have spent decades making the world better. Dicken and his wife Karine are passionate about helping animals, and they are inspired by Ceci’s dedication to Tikkun Olam.





Grace de Ciel is created to glorify the divine and to honor the kind-hearted.  When we spray Grace de Ciel, we pay homage to all who are kind, generous, and benevolent. Use it to increase light, inner peace and positive energy. Contact us by filling out the form below to join this movement of benevolence.

Sales Points

Harvey Nichols: HK, Glamit Counter @ Beyond Beauty Section